Startuplab is an incubator and early stage investor for Norway's most ambitious technology startups.


Take part in Norway’s biggest pitching competition for investor-ready startups for a chance to win 200,000 NOK from DNB and mentoring from top, international VCs.

Does your startup use technology to tackle the climate crisis? 2030 is your opportunity to iterate, test, and pilot your solution with a partner to accelerate your growth!


Building a Company: Top Tips for Aspiring Founders

Accelerator Q&A

Startuplab has secured 154 MNOK in the first close of Startuplab Founders Fund V

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Kicking off the 16th edition of the Startuplab Accelerator program!

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Mastering Recruitment in Startups

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What happens in our accelerator program?


Startuplab is a network of founders, mentors, investors, industry experts and corporate partners - all eager to pay it forward.

Founders First

Startuplab is committed to putting the founder's interest first in every step of the process.

Your supporting community

In Startuplab you're standing on the shoulders of more than 300 startups, 50 partners and 81 ex-founders are ready to help you out.

A place to build your company

A desk, coffee and social gatherings.

Work with a pilot customer

It’s not unusual that startups we work with find their first customer within our partner network.

Meet your next investor

Follow-up investments are often found through our investor network.



You should be spending your time building and selling your product, not drafting standard legal documents. Over the past 10 years, we’ve spent our fair share of time working with founders on such documents, and together with our partner DLA Piper we're providing these templates free to all and any startup in Norway.

SLIP v 2.0 (Pre Money valuation)

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